Automatic1111 on Vast.AI

You’ll need a Docker Image with the Stable Diffusion Web UI.

AIDock Implementation

This is a docker image that I currently use. It is superior in many ways

It is superior than any other Docker implmentations I have ever used, for the following reasons:

  • Downloads the latest Automatic1111 Web UI from Github upon startup
  • Downloads the SDXL Base Model, SDXL Refiner and SDXL VAE from Hugging Face upon startup
  • Has a dedicated web interface to see error logs
  • Open source. You can see exactly what’s inside the docker images.
  • You can reboot the web UI with the supervisor command line.

Detailed Guide

Runpod Implementation

This was my old recommended config, which is a slightly modified version of the recommendation from Vast.AI. I no longer use this, but I’m keeping it here for reference.

Detailed Guide

Instance Config

After loading the docker image, if you’re planning to run SDXL, you’re good to go.

If you’re planning to run SD 1.5 and want to download custom models, I have prepared a list of useful models for gay AI generation.

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