SDXL Overview

Stable Diffusion XL or SDXL is the latest image generation model that is tailored towards more photorealistic outputs with more detailed imagery and composition compared to previous SD models, including SD 2.1.

With Stable Diffusion XL you can now make more realistic images with improved face generation, produce legible text within images, and create more aesthetically pleasing art using shorter prompts. in new window

User Interface

When SDXL 0.9 was leaked, ComfyUI was the only user interface that could support is, but now that SDXL 1.0 is out, all top three web UIs will support it natively. The installation steps might not be very apparent, so I’ve written these guides to help you get started.


You’ll need to download the models to use SDXL. Here are the direct links to each model, or use wget to download all of them and put them in the correct folders.

I store my models inside ~/sd/models, with additional subfolders for the different types of models.

Checkpoints, VAE, LoRA

Direct download links via HuggingFace:

Or download with wget:

# SDXL 1.0 Base
cd ~/sd/models/checkpoints

# SDXL 1.0 Refiner
cd ~/sd/models/checkpoints

# Fixed 0.9 VAE
cd ~/sd/models/VAE

# SDXL Offset Noise LoRA
cd ~/sd/models/Lora
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