SD.Next - OSX

SD.Next was originally a fork of the Automatic1111 Stable Diffusion WebUI, but has now added so many features that is a beast in its own right. Comes with many extensions out of the box. Highly recommended implementation. in new window

Installation is similar to Automatic1111, but I’ll include it for completeness.

Here’s step by step in terminal with comments only.

# cd into the folder where you want to install SD.Next
cd ~/sd

# Clone the repo - optionally call it something memorable - I use sdnext
git clone sdnext

# Change into the folder where you cloned the repo
cd sdnext

# Make a virtualenv for SD.Next
pyenv virtualenv 3.10.9 sdnext

Install Pytorch Nightly for Apple Silicon

Official Apple Docs: Accelerated PyTorch Training on Macopen in new window

# Switch to the new virtualenv
pyenv shell sdnext

# Install Pytorch Nightly for Apple Silicon
pip3 install --pre torch torchvision torchaudio --extra-index-url

Verify that Pytorch Nightly is installed correctly


Enter the following into the Python shell

import torch
if torch.backends.mps.is_available():
    mps_device = torch.device("mps")
    x = torch.ones(1, device=mps_device)
    print (x)
    print ("MPS device not found.")

If the Pytorch Nightly for Apple Silicon is installed correctly, it will output the following:

tensor([1.], device='mps:0')

You can now exit the Python shell by pressing Ctrl-D

Start SD.Next

Now you can run SD.Next. You don’t need the first two lines if you are already in the sdnext virtualenv and in the correct folder. But just in case you want to copy and paste these for running in the future, I’ve included them.

pyenv shell sdnext
cd ~/sd/sdnext

The first time it runs, it will install a bunch of dependencies and models. Once it has started, you will be able to open it in your browser at in new window


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me on social media. For these technical things, it’s best to do it on Discord.

  • My Discord username is gymdreams — it’s the new style without the Discriminator.

You can find my other contact info at the end of the About Meopen in new window page of my main website.


These steps are verified to work for the latest commit: 81129ccopen in new window when this article was published.

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