Arguably the best Stable Diffusion implementation. It’s the OG. Lots of plugins available.


Here are some setups that I use to load the models I use after setting up a cloud instance. I would ssh into the instance and run them. Inside the instance, the path /workspace is where you can read/write. It’s also where the stable diffusion loads models and outputs your images. You have root access, so you can install anything via apt install. sudo is not required since you’re already logged in as root.

Civitai Downlaods

Some of these download from Civitai directly. A few notes:

  • Download URL.
    • You can’t download the URL to the model.
    • You must find the download link on the model page, which has /api in the path.
    • For most models that don‘t have multiple versions, it’s the same link as the button.
    • Right-click on that button to copy the /api link or I have done it already for you below.
  • --content-disposition
    • This is required to download the file with the correct name.
    • Otherwise, it will be downloaded as some filename that matches the URL instead, and you will have to rename it.
  • -O
    • If you want to save the file in a different name, you can use the -O (that’s uppercase O) followed by the filename.
    • You rarely have to do this.
    • If in doubt, use the --content-disposiion option.
    • Some models on Civitai require it but it’s like 1% of them.

Civitai API

Civitai provides a comprehensive API. For nerds out there who want to automate a lot of these without copying and pasting, you can use their API to write almost everything on this page with code. Here are their docs:

Civitai Discord

For convenience, here’s a link to their Disccord server. They are fairly responsive in their dev channel:

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